Taking it back some

I’m pretty excited to be going back into early child care. Learned the hard way that desk jobs are not for me and made the decision to ask for a job back where I used to work. I had an ‘interview’ within 10 minutes of emailing them and was able to leave the crap place I worked at 3 days later, which was absolutely fantastic because it really sucked.

I definitely won’t miss hearing racial slurrs all day every day or being told I’m uneducated because I voted democratic and think women’s rights are important. Some things just do not belong in the workplace no matter how comfortable you think you are with your coworkers.

Goodbye security business, hello again finger painting and daily schedules!



I definitely have a huge obsession with autumn, and I might have a slight obsession with polyvore. I love to ‘collect’ things and it also serves as a reminder of specific things  i’m looking for when I get a chance to go clothes shopping.

These are some of the things I ‘need’ for fall. I’m seriously hunting for a good pair of high, tan flat boots, mine from last year are about to shit the bed :/


Mixed berry scones with strawberry jam

This morning I was feeling super lazy, so we made mixed berry scones from trader joe’s. just add water and throw them in the oven until they look done.

We slathered them in some strawberry champagne jam, which was found at the park avenue festival this passed weekend.


We also ventured out to Powers family farm in pittsford (for honey and too many cookies and petting of farm animals) and I was a little surprised to see this: